Hospital Needs $150M To Implement 5-Year Mental Health Plan, WPR reports

Children’s Wisconsin, formerly known as Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, announced the development of a new five-year plan to help address the growing mental health crisis Wisconsin children are facing.

A 2017 Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health report found that children and teens in Wisconsin were hospitalized for a mental illness four times more than the national rate.
The hospital needs an estimated $150 million to fully implement the seven initiatives laid out in the plan.

According to reporting done by WPR, the funds would help Children’s expand their mental health operations by hiring more professionals in the behavioral and mental health fields like psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists.

“We know our community looks to us to do what is best for kids. Children’s has more than 2 million touch points with kids across the state each year,” said Peggy Troy, president and CEO of Children’s said in a statement reported on by WPR. “We believe this plan identifies how Children’s can impact a significant number of kids in the state.”

The initiatives are designed to detect mental and behavioral health needs, improve access to services and reduce the stigma around mental health illnesses.

WPR reported that Troy said at another meeting that health care for children around the state is a crucial issue.