With news that contaminants in wells might be putting families’s health at risk, questions have been raised around how to deal with the problem, and exactly who pays for it, reports WUWM 89.7

Wisconsinite and WUWM listener, Jeanie Carlin lives in rural, northeast Wisconsin. She told the station that she had her private well tested because she’s worried manure spread on fields close to her house could be impacting her water.

If her water is contaminated, she asks, who exactly is on the line for the bill?

The short answer is: The well owner pays. But Liesa Lehmann with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says that there is a well compensation grant program that could help.

“The well compensation grant program allows people who are income-eligible to obtain 75% cost share for the cost of either replacing or repairing, or in some cases treating, a contaminated well,” she says.

Each year, the DNR is allotted $200,000 for this grant program, the outlet reports.

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