Health care for the children: Calling the outcomes for Milwaukee Children ‘Abysmal’ Children’s Wisconsin CEO Peggy Troy said children’s health should be a key concern in 2020.

The head of Milwaukee’s children’s hospital says health outcomes for youth in the city are “abysmal” and is among policy experts who say health care in the city and state remain a crucial issue heading into the 2020 election season, reports WPR.

During a meeting at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee, Children’s Wisconsin CEO Peggy Troy said that based on health indicators the hospital tracks, children living in Milwaukee’s central city have the fourth-worse health care outcomes in the country, and the state overall is in the 50th percentile.

Wisconsin Children’s measures 50 different indicators of health, including how children learn, if they have asthma and access to dental care.

“Here we’ve got this beautiful city…all these wonderful things, but the health care for these kids is really abysmal,” Troy said.

Poverty in Milwaukee’s central city and unresolved mental health issues that occur in children’s lives before they reach the age of 7 actually changes their brain growth, Troy said.

“Their flight and fight overdevelop and their judgment and reasoning underdevelops,” she said. “So as they mature, there are consequences. It’s a problem we are all addressing, but it needs a lot more resources.”

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