Reported by The Wisconsin Examiner, finding a way to address soaring prescription drug prices is the goal of a new task force created in Wisconsin.

Escalating prescription drug prices for Wisconsinites has inspired the creation of a task force to see what the state can do to alleviate sticker shock for residents.

“More and more people are finding it difficult to afford prescription medication,” Nathan Houdek, deputy commissioner in the state Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) and chair of the task force established by Governor Tony Evers told The Wisconsin Examiner. The task force, he said, represents an opportunity “to address out-of-control prescription drug prices.”

In addition to the chair, the task force brings together 20 representatives of several state agencies, consumers, the pharmaceutical industry, legislators, and other groups.

In choosing from applicants, OCI and Evers’ staff aimed “to bring together a diverse set of voices around the table,” Houdek said. “Because this is such a complicated issue, we think it’s really important to get all the perspectives and input from all of the stakeholders who are involved in the prescription drug supply chain.”