Channel 3000 reports from Madison that new award will help thousands of Wisconsinites find the housing they need.

Thousands of people in Wisconsin struggle to find affordable housing, reports Madison-based Channel 3000. The wait lists for housing assistance are full and it will likely take years to get everyone the help they need.

But, thanks to a $1.2 million award from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, many will get help faster than they expected.

HUD awarded $131.3 million to 325 local public housing authorities across the country to provide around 15,000 non-elderly people with disabilities with affordable housing.

According to a press release, reported Channel 3000, the goal of the award is to help integrate people with disabilities back into the community who are transitioning out of institutional housing, experiencing homelessness, or previously experienced homelessness.

While the award money specifically targets non-elderly people with disabilities, the hope is that this will have a ripple effect and will get more people off the streets to get them housing in the long run by freeing up the space they are currently using on the waitlist.