Straining the system: After years of decline, the number of hospital stays are increasing and causing a strain on the health care system in Wisconsin as the number of aging baby boomers increases.

In a recent interview, Ann Zenk, vice president of workforce and clinical practice at the Wisconsin Hospital Association highlighted results of a health care workforce report from WHA, noting the impact of the state’s aging population is starting to become apparent.

“Businesses are feeling the impact of baby boomers retiring every day,” Zenk said. “We’re seeing both in Wisconsin and nationally, gaps in being able to fill positions in our workforce.”

Wisconsin’s over-65 population is expected to double in the next decade, and health care demands are expected to increase by 30 percent, Zenk said.

“It’s really unlikely our workforce will be able to grow fast enough to meet that increased demand,” she said. “We want to sustain the top-quality health care we provide… We’re going to have to grow the workforce faster, but also more wisely.”

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